“There is no end to more”, a pice by Bessie Award-winning American choreographer Jeremy Wade.

In a bold and violent juxtaposition of movement, text, animation and video of manga (Japanese comics) drawing, Wade takes a playful and cynical look at Japanese kawaii (cute) culture— from the infantile fluff of Hello Kitty to teenage doe-eyed love portrayed in anime—exploring its ubiquitous influence on the world today.

In his inimitable way of walking the line between societal norm and aberration, consumption and delusion, Wade peels away the layers of kawaii to reveal the grotesque that lies beneath. Wade, who is based in Berlin, directs there is no end to more, a solo for a salesman in which he sells his own super show, performed by actor/ dancer Jared Gradinger in collaboration with Brooklyn-based Japanese manga artist/illustrator Hiroki Otsuka, Berlin-based video artist Veith Michel, musician Brendan Dougherty and architects Katja Mitte and Henning Ströh with text co­-written by Wade and visual artist/writer Marcos Rosales.

Actor / Dancer: Jared Gradinger
Artist / Illustrator: Hiroki Otsuka
Music: Brendan Dougherty
Architects: Katja Mitte and Henning Ströh
Writers: Wade and Marcos Rosales
Video artist: Veith Michel