360° Danceproject:

We live in an age of transparent men, in which surveillance and espionage seem to increase their meaning and importance in society. “Surveillance – me”  plays with this thought of role reversal between the watcher and the watched, between subject and object and between reality and virtual space. The video and the performance either forces or allows the audience to leave their traditional passive roles and be active in the scenography. The 360° video allows a hyper-realistic translation of such a concept: the performers are neither able to hide nor to escape from the specators’ gaze, who observes the room entirely and guides themselves through this virtual space. He’s inside the movie/performance. The spectator is urged to leave his passive comfort zone and to get involved in a direct interaction with the performers. Do they really want to be active protagonists of the happening and what feelings will be evoked by this?

Use Youtube mobile app, Google Chrome or Firefox on your computer for best results.

Director / Music: Veith Michel
Choreography: Sophie Kellner and Marie Nüze