One of the first jobs I made with nhb berlin. Today Sagrotan is one of the leading brands in the field of disinfection of surfaces, laundry, domestic cleaning and hands. It was a complex new spot that I had to organise between the studios in Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Berlin.

The timing was pretty tight, from concept to on air copy we only had 6 weeks to build a white world of foam for Euro RSG – the jumping rabbit, the clouds and micropearls, the aseptic knight in armour fighting the dragon – all CG. Our Düsseldorf studios did the compositing. A nice spot for the 100th anniversary and so far the most elaborate production for Sagrotan in Europe.

Senior Producer / nhb: Veith Michel
Director: Ralph Loop
Editing / Compositing / 3D / VFX / Colourgrading: nhb
Filmproduction: Jotz! Filmproduktion
Agency: Havas Worldwide / Euro RSG