Once again, my friends at m box got commissioned to realise a 40-display production that encompassed the entire NEC trade fair booth at the 2015 ISE in Amsterdam. Most of these screens already displayed the new extra-high UHD resolution. In close collaboration with NEC Europe, m box designed a 3-minute show loop for the stand’s sky tower – including 15 full-HD displays – and many facade elements scattered across the entire booth featuring synchronised contents. It was also a pleasure for me to work hand in hand with CD David Fuller who also shoot most of the footage.

Format: 3 min. Film/ 3240 × 9600 Pixel Sky Tower (15 Full HD Displays), Fassade1 (6x UHD), Fassade2 (5x UHD), Fassade3 (6x Full HD), Fassade4 (3x Full HD).

Producer: Veith Michel
Motiondesign: J. Holzer, Y. Jates and R. Calleja
Technical Partner: Gahrens + Battermann GmbH