The two new models, the C-Class Coupé and the SLK were presented on a rotating platform. Two LED HD screens were positioned on opposing sides of the platform and as the emphasis varied from car to car, so the corresponding clip and lighting scenario varied accordingly. Presenters on the main stage introduced the models and were accompanied by interactive video clips. The clips showed material from the pre-recorded ‘Innovationtour’, which was filmed by Veith Michel during a test drive by Patrice Bouédibéla and Eva Nidecker. Test Film not only showed the two Cars and there Drives in Action but also Interviews of Mercedes workers that were directly involved in the development of the cars.

A talk show set was situated on the stage’s reverse side, where daily ‘Trendtalks’ with innovators from diverse fields of expertise took place. Additionally, ambient films that demonstrated the main features of the models and emphasising the talks were shown on the two LED screens. They took the form of graphic animations and edited short films.

Director / Creative Producer “Innovationtour”: Veith Michel
Camera “Innovationtour”: Enrico Wolf
Production / Art Direction: m box bewegtbild GmbH