For the Expo2010 in Shanghai (China) I had the chance to work for m box and Marc Tamschick from Tamschick Media & Space on the Stategrid Expo Pavillon2010 as a creative producer and editor. Together with Sara Meloni, Daniel Huber and Andreas N. Fischer I was involved in the dramaturgy and post production throughout the whole project. The Idea was to create a pumping heart of energy which is located in the center of the expo area. The Screen in the middle cube was surrounded by LED lines which enclose the entire building complex with power-charged grid lines. StateGrid is China’s biggest energy company and provided energy to the whole Expo2010.



Animated Com Award 2012 – Kommunikation im Raum

FAMAB_ADAM 2011 – Goldener Apfel

Annual Multimedia 2011 – Gold

DDC Award 2011 – Raum / Architektur

IF Communication Design Award 2011

Art Directors Club (ADC) 2011 – Silber

Red Dot Design Award 2010 – Auszeichnung

Producer / Editor: Veith Michel
V4 computational design: Sara Meloni
V4 framework development / Computational design: Daniel Huber
Design / Animation: Andreas N. Fischer
Kreativdirektion/ Regie: Marc Tamschick TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE GmbH