This teaser is made by plateaufilm, and m-box bewegtbild GmbH. Its a coproduction between m-box and plateaufilmproduction. Written and directed and edited by Veith Michel – plateaufilm. All 3D Artwork, Motiondesign and other Artwork is done by and m-box.

“…Based on an old Myth the gods once deemed, that greedy and selfish people should be reborn as pigeons, so that they might become more devotional. But some of these dovepeople didn‘t want to resign to the fact of being “rats of the air” until eternity and be forgotten. They searched for someone who might take them out of there own misery. Uprising from the dirt they gathered to find a way out of their fate…”

Nominated for the 20th Century Fox Award 2009, a joint initiative to encourage innovative new approaches to audiovisual creation and production.

3D Artwork / Music / Sounddesign / Motiondesign: and m-box bewegtbild GmbH
Writer / Co-producer / Director / Editing: Veith Michel