Based on a Campaing from the BMWi we at nhb Berlin worked hard to get this spot for the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology into a moving picture. I not only had a chance to produce the film and the postproduction at nhb but also did the directing for the live action part. Bringing the world of a person moving binary codes around together was a challenging but also inspiring process.

Director / Live Action: Veith Michel
Production / Postproduction / Editing / Compositing / 3D / Motion graphics / Music / Sounddesign: nhb
DOP: Enrico Wolf
2D Artdirection : Ian Hutchinson
3D Artdirection : Carsten Kuhoff
Compositing: Norman Struwe
Music / Sounddesign: Shai Hirschson
Senior Producer / nhb: Yesim Altilar and Veith Michel