A huge 360° installation by m box bewegtbild GmbH has opened: The “Energie Erlebnis Zentrum” in Aurich featuring a 7 minute 360° movie they have been working on for over a year http://www.eez.aurich.de

I was lucky and thrilled to direct and produce the choreography on one of the chapters of the 360° film with the two great dancers Florencia Lamarca and Denis “Kooné” Kuhnert. The images show the visualization with the circular projection above. The challenge was to choreograph 2 dancers and have them placed, move and interact with each other several times in the 360° room so it feels light a fluid flow of people.


Postproduktion: m box bewegtbild GmbH
Camera: Enrico Wolff
Creative Producer/Director (live action): Veith Michel